Intensive Outpatient Program ( IOP)

Beachside Recovery Center offers both an Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and an Outpatient Program (OP). These addiction recovery programs offer introduction into 12-step programs, various types of therapy (individual, group, and family), as well as the establishment of a sober support network. We want to see our clients sober, but we also want to see them succeed. We understand that oftentimes education can take a backseat when an individual is focused on obtaining and using addictive substances. To this end, we encourage becoming involved in continued education throughout your time in our addiction treatment programs. We offer a wide variety of options for our clients to be able to continue their education while undergoing treatment for alcohol or drug addiction. We offer individual meetings with counselors to support our clients in achieving academic goals. Beachside Recovery Center offers life skill classes, academic counseling, assistance with applications for college, structured study time, transportation to and from school, as well as help with registering for classes, job hunting, and career preparation. In addition to fostering your sobriety, we are committed to helping you jumpstart your academic and professional career paths.

When clients enroll into our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), our staff will perform comprehensive assessments to determine the individual’s substance abuse history. Our staff is committed to working together to give our clients what they need. Depending on the severity of addiction, some clients may be prescribed medication to ease the detoxification and recovery process. At the beginning of treatment, each client will be assigned to a team of experienced staff members. Throughout the course of your addiction recovery program, you will meet with these individuals for weekly one hour sessions to track your progress, development, and recovery. During your first meeting with your case manager, he or she will guide you through an Addiction Severity Index evaluation to address the areas of your life that need to be targeted during treatment. Based upon this assessment, your case manager will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan that will become your own personal addiction recovery program.

Case Manager

Comprehensive Care

The role of the case manager encompasses many functions. Each week, your case manager will make weekly phone calls to your family, in order to inform them of your progress. In addition, the case manager will take care of any legal issues as well. Due to the way addiction recovery has progressed, the court system now prefers to direct individuals to addiction treatment programs as an alternative to incarceration. Our case managers at Beachside Recovery Center have established relationships with probation officers and judges. Let us take care of weekly progress reports, and letters regarding completion, graduation, or attendance to judges, parole officers, and future employers.