Beachside Recovery

The Southern California beach community is the perfect location to focus on your complete and lasting recovery from substance abuse or alcohol addiction. Our luxurious homes make it possible for our clients to receive treatment with the comforts and amenities of home.



Throughout our extensive experiences in the field of addiction recovery, Beachside Recovery Center has learned that addiction affects each individual in a different way. Because of this, we custom tailor each of our clients’ addiction recovery programs. We know that different individuals require different types of treatment and support options. It has always been our goal to offer the highest quality of support and necessary tools for a lifetime of successful recovery. With our help, you will not only be able to recover, but also to thrive.

Your needs are Beachside Recovery Center’s priority. Throughout your stay, we will teach you positive coping mechanisms and relapse prevention techniques that you will learn to implement into your daily life. We will also work with you in group therapy and individual counseling to determine the root of your addiction, so that we can treat you from the source. During your treatment program, you will develop new healthy habits that will enable you to maintain your sobriety back at home. Another aspect of our relapse prevention program is the creation of a support network between you and the other individuals in recovery at Beachside Recovery Center. The bonds you create through group therapy and off-site activities will be an asset to you after treatment ends.

When you decide to make a positive life change like going into treatment, it can often be difficult to find the best option for comprehensive care from expert professionals. Look no further than Beachside Recovery Center and our committed team of experts to foster your recovery in our state-of-the-art environments. Achieving sobriety is possible within the bounds of our facilities. The real challenge is maintaining that sobriety once your addiction treatment program comes to an end. Our staff of experts is dedicated to preparing you to live a healthy, substance abuse free lifestyle.