What Is Treatment Like?

Beachside Recovery Center is located in beautiful, sunny Southern California. Our time tested solutions for addiction recovery have shown highly effective recovery rates in the lives of men and women who are struggling with alcohol abuse or drug addiction. Experienced professionals facilitate our relapse prevention programs from a direction that is client-centered. Everything we do is to help you maintain your sobriety once treatment has ended.

Recovery Programs

Dual Diagnosis All of our addiction recovery programs are designed from a dual diagnosis approach. Within the first 24-48 hours of intake, our clients meet with our experienced staff for evaluation.

Treatment Needs

Side Effects It is through this process that our educated professionals staff will determine what physical and psychological side effects of addiction need to be treated.

Beachside Recovery Center

After pinpointing the underlying issues that the individual has attempted to medicate, our team begins the process of separating the individual from their drug of choice through a clinically managed detox. At Beachside Recovery Center, we treat drug abuse as a symptom indicative of a deeper issue that must be identified and thoroughly treated. We treat addiction to various substances such as: methadone, methamphetamines, opiates, opium, amphetamines, heroin and marijuana. We also have addiction recovery options for addiction to anti-anxiety medication, hallucinogenics, and benzodiazepines. In addition, we have addiction treatment programs for designer drugs like kratom, ecstasy, bath salts, and spice. We also target psychotropic medications and other pharmaceuticals.

When individuals are ready to make a life change and break the cycle of substance abuse in their lives, they will require a large amount of support to be able to achieve and maintain sobriety. Our dual diagnosis addiction recovery programs yield a highly effective rate of lasting recovery. When a client decides to undergo treatment with us, they will be guided through a clinically managed detox, as well as a relapse prevention program where they will learn positive coping mechanisms and social norms to implement into their daily lives. We offer a wide array of therapeutical options including but not limited to 12 step programs, individual counseling, group therapy, and family sessions. Each of these practices have a serious effect on the possibility of lasting recovery.

Beachside Recovery Center is a Registered Provider of VIVITROL®

VIVITROL® is given through an injection that places a block on opiate receptors by capping the opiates’ euphoric effects.By utilizing this tool, clients are given time to learn relapse prevention techniques through education and counseling. Beachside Recovery Center maintains our relationship with multiple insurance providers in order to get the highest coverage possible for this treatment.

The active ingredient in VIVITROL® is Naltrexone, which functions as a blocker. It attaches onto specific opioid receptors in the brain and blocks the feelings of pleasure that are associated with taking opioids.

It is imperative for our clients to know that using opioids in the amounts they used before starting treatment with VIVITROL®, or even a decreased amount, could lead to overdose and even death. Before taking VIVITROL®, clients must be aware that they should not attempt to break through the blockade by taking more opioids. Once a dose has been administered, the blocking effect slowly decreases and completely dissipates, over the course of time.

VIVITROL® is also a viable treatment for dependence on alcohol. It is imperative that the client stop drinking alcohol before treatment with VIVITROL® commences. While blocking the intense high that comes from opioids, VIVITROL® does not prevent positive feelings that can come from other pleasurable activities. When used with counseling and other therapeutic options, VIVITROL® has been shown to be effective for both opioid and alcohol dependence. Thanks to VIVITROL®’s long lasting formula, it only needs to be administered once a month.

It is necessary to undergo therapy or counseling while using VIVITROL®.

It has been shown that opioid-dependent clients who participated in counseling while using VIVITROL®:

* effectively had more consecutive days of total abstinence

* remained in treatment for a greater period of time

* showed less cravings

* became less likely to relapse because of physical dependence

As shown in a study of alcohol dependent clients who stopped using alcohol one week prior to receiving VIVITROL® (along with counseling) had:

*effectively fewer days of heavy drinking, where heavy drinking is defined as 5 or more alcoholic beverages being imbibed per day for male clients, as well as 4 or more beverages for female clients.

A smaller group of clients who were alcohol-dependent and completely quit drinking a week before their first dose of VIVITROL® (along with counseling) had:

*greater success maintaining total abstinence from alcohol

*a much smaller amount of total drinking days

You can access www.vivitrol.com for extra information on VIVITROL®.

Beachside also offers Nexalin, a cutting edge treatment program.

We are proud to offer a new, cutting edge treatment program that targets the effects of addiction in the brain. Recently, many physicians have discovered that the brain plays a major role in all facets of healthcare. The FDA has cleared Nexalin Technology as a highly effective natural treatment for any issue found within the brain’s neurochemistry. This relaxing treatment involves resting in a relaxing atmosphere for 40 minutes while pads on your face transmit stimulating waveforms that stimulate your hypothalamus and midbrain. Instead of utilizing pharmaceutical medication, the Nexalin device’s frequency waveform targets key components of the brain’s structure that regulate neurochemistry. At this time, data demonstrates that the Nexalin waveform can dramatically reset the brain’s hypothalamus. The function of Nexalin is to normalize the production of neurotransmitters such as Norepinephrine, Dopamine, and Serotonin.

12 Step Recovery

Utilizing a 12 Step Program is something that is highly encouraged throughout your addiction recovery program at Beachside Recovery Center. We truly believe that it is the ideal path for total recovery. Within the program, you will discover limitless community support and tools for maintaining sobriety. We also strongly encourage finding and using a sponsor to ease you into the process while facilitating your recovery.

We also offer the opportunity to become involved with Celebrate Recovery, a faith-centered recovery program, as we know that many of our clients would prefer to recover under faith based leadership. In addition, Beachside Recovery Center also offers our clients the opportunity to take advantage of various non-12 Step Programs in the local community. While Beachside Recovery Center does offer the 12 Step Program, it is not something we force our clients to participate in. We truly believe in helping our clients discover which options work best for their unique situation. These recovery-centered communities instill individuals with positivity, inspiration, and hope by letting them observe examples of transformation. Lasting recovery is possible for all who commit to putting forth a real effort in the program.