Our Detox Program

Empathetic Staff
It is necessary to undergo a series of assessments and evaluations so that our sympathetic staff can establish the required level of support you need during detox. We are always there to support you without any judgement. We know that detox can be a difficult aspect of your journey to a successful life. With the help of Beachside Recovery Center’s empathetic and experienced staff, you will soon be on your way to total recovery.
Personalized Care
We help you find the best fit for your situation, in order to create the potential for full and lasting recovery.

Beachside Recovery Center requires all of our clients to undergo detoxification at the start of treatment. Before detox commences, you will be guided through evaluations and given necessary support while getting ready for your addiction recovery program to begin. Detox is important because it causes the brain to alert the body that it is no longer physically dependent on daily substance abuse. Once the body is free of all toxins and foreign substances, our staff will work with you to restructure your life and adopt positive coping mechanisms that will foster restoration and recovery. Our staff is skilled at working together to identify and address both the physical and psychological side effects of substance abuse, and detox is the first step in this process.

There are a wide array of variables to take into account when creating an addiction treatment program during this aspect of the recovery process:

State of Mental Health, Prior Attempts at Addiction Recovery, Basic Health History, Physical Condition, Specific Substances of Use,Toxicology Screenings, Possibility of Relapse, Potential Physical or Mental Disabilities