Packing List for Treatment

When entering into treatment at Beachside Recovery Center, please remember that all of your belongings are subject to being searched throughout the duration of your treatment program. Towels and bedding will be provided for you. Please refrain from bringing any weapons, including knives. We also ask that you bring clothing that is appropriate for the atmosphere of recovery. Please leave any clothes at home that involve drug or alcohol related brands or symbols. We also ask that you please do not bring clothing depicting violence, clothing that can be seen as gang-related, short shorts or other revealing clothing including shirts that expose the midriff.

Southern California weather is generally very mild, ranging from the mid 70’s to mid 80’s on average, throughout the year. For your time in treatment, please bring a total of 10 outfits that include 5 pairs of shorts and 5 pairs of pants. Short sleeved t-shirts and sweaters for the evening time are also appropriate. Please remember to pack a bathing suit, as we offer group outings to the beach. Other items you may find useful are workout clothes, a hat, sunscreen, a backpack, pajamas, and toiletries. We also recommend that you bring an eye mask and earplugs. Throughout your treatment program, family members may send items to you by mail.

Beachside Recovery Center offers a program called M.O.B. (Money on Books). If your family members desire to leave money for you to make purchases, they can put money into your account. We will issue you a prepaid debit card worth $50 each week, so that you can make your purchases. This system protects both our facility and our clients. We do not allow our clients to have cash during treatment at any time. If you arrive with cash, we will keep it locked in a cabinet with other personal effects. Each week, our clients are taken to convenience stores for things like cigarettes, beverages, and snacks. We also escort our clients to larger stores like Walmart or Target, so that they may purchase items that may have been forgotten while packing. On the weekends, you will have the option of being taken to other stores to make any necessary purchases.